Add To Your WishlistBamboo Makeup Remover Pads (Cleansing Pads)

Add To Your WishlistBamboo Makeup Remover Pads (Cleansing Pads)

  • Description & Ingredients

    I have spent many months creating these makeup remover pads. I wanted to design a re-useable makeup remover pad that is as eco friendly as possible. These are made from 100% cotton and bamboo towelling. Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly fabrics on the planet and is incredibly soft for around the eyes and on sensitive skin. It is antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Win win!

    Each pad is approx. 10cm across which should be big enough to allow you to remove both eyes of makeup with one pad. You may then choose to use a fresh pad for the rest of your face. You can wash each pad after use with an anti-bacterial soap so you can use again before you wash in the machine. To wash in the machine you will need to put the pads into a bag (I sell Bamboo 100% cotton bags that are perfect or a bra bag. You simply pop your pads into the bamboo bag or bra bag and wash with your other items. Allow to dry naturally. Do not tumble dry. 

    These sell in packs of 7 or 3. 

    All you need to use these pads is water! Yes, that's right! They will remove makeup with only water. If you are wearing waterproof makeup you will need to use a cleanser or product. These work even better if used with a cleanser. 

    I hope you will love them as much as I do! For now I only offer the polka-dot fabric, I may introduce new patterns in the future.


    each pad is approximately 10cm wide.


    You can either hand wash these in antibacterial wash or use in a washing machine with your other clothes (within a bag) at 30 or 40 degrees, then air dry. For best results, rinse in cold water first to remove stains.