Add To Your WishlistDamask Cut Out Electric Oil Burner

Add To Your WishlistDamask Cut Out Electric Oil Burner

  • Description & Ingredients

    This elegant, electric oil burner lights up to showcase a detailed damask pattern and is compatible with both wax melts and scented fragrance oils.  

    To Use:

    Place on a level and heat resistant surface before placing melts or oils in the ceramic dish and then plug in the burner. Unplug when not in use, and let cool completely before moving or cleaning removable dish with warm, soapy water. Depth of dish 2cm. 

    DimensionsH15cm x W10cm x D10cm

    Gift Wrapping:

    I offer a gift wrapping service at the checkout. This oil burner makes a lovely gift. 

    I offer click and collect for local customers. 


         Never leave a burning candle unattended.

         Keep the wax burner and tealight in a place that children or pets can not reach.

         Use a tealight ONLY. Do not use a votive or any other candle with a wax burner. There must be a suitable space between the flame and the wax melting bowl.

         Keep the wax burner on a stable surface and away from anything flammable like curtains.

         The wax and the wax burner will get hot. Do not touch them until they have completely cooled after use and NEVER move them during use.

         Keep the wick of the tealight trimmed and extinguish with a snuffer between use.

    Caution should be taken with your wax melt burner and electric wax burner. Even though the latter option is flame free it will still get hot.

    Perry's Bath Bombs is not responsible for any misuse of a wax burner or wax melts. Follow the CLP guidelines on our wax melts. 

    Please see my Candle and Wax Heater Safety Info page for more on this