I live locally, can I click and collect?

Yes, I offer a click and collect service for local customers. This option is at checkout. Once you have placed your order, I will notify you of my collection point. It is contact-less, and open certain hours so you can pop and collect at a time that suits you.

Do I offer wholesale availability?

I currently cannot offer wholesale options, but this may change in the future so do keep checking. At the moment it is just me working around my beauty salon and children, so I don't have the time or means to mass produce.

What Sizes are the bath bombs?

Adult bath bombs are approximately 3.5" 180-190g and the children are approximately 2" 75-90g. Size can vary slightly from bath bomb to bath bomb as they are all handmade and not exactly the same each time. They aren't always perfect but that's what makes buying a handmade item so much more special than a mass-produced item.

Do I offer custom or personalised orders?

I currently don't offer custom or personalised orders but do message me to let me know what you would like to see me offer.

My bath bomb is broken can I return it?

I do not offer refunds, returns or exchanges for broken bath bombs. Due to the nature of bath bombs, breaks can't be helped in transit. I pack my boxes full of cardboard shredded wrap which is suitable and protects them from damage in transit. However, sadly on some occasions bath bombs can break on their way to you. Sadly, I am unable to control damage caused by Royal Mail in transit.

Can I access out of stock bath bombs?

Sadly no. Keep an eye for my re-stock dates on my social media. Find me at:

Facebook: @perrysbathbombs. 

Insatgram: perrysbathbombs. 

Can you make party bag fillers or wedding favours?

I can make orders for party bags, weddings etc however I do need a couple of weeks’ notice to be able to make orders up. Do give me enough notice as I'm a very small business I can't produce lots of bombs quickly. I can't guarantee this service.

Do you offer subscription boxes?

Not currently but I am working on this as an idea for 2021. Watch this space!

Do you sell advent calendars? 

Not currently but I hope for 2021 to offer a pre-order advent calendar option. Another one to watch this space for!